Evol/Love - Nibor Traaw
ISBN 978-908-2936-29-2
Self-published: Stichting Mei, Amstelveen, NL 2020
19.6 x 19.6 x 2.3 cm
160 stills
200 pages
666 copies

Evol/Love is a project in three parts: a billboard series, installation and publication connecting 160 subtitled movie stills that all contain the word Love. A collage of voices and definitions arranged in alphabetical order, from ‘Love is where you find it’ (A: A Date with Judy, US 1948, 00:22:37) to ‘But even if it’s a little late, love has a way of coming back to you’(Y: Yeonae/Love is a Crazy Thing, KR 2005, 01:38:02), but mirrored and read backwards to sound like its antonym: evil.

Selected as one of the Best Dutch Book Designs of 2020 and one of The Most Beautiful Books of 2020 in Lithuania

Evol/Love is available at Stedelijk Museum Bookshop, Amsterdam; BOOKS@RET, Rotterdam; Six Chairs Books, Vilnius; Walther König MQ Wien, Vienna; a.p. books, Berlin;, Berlin; Hopscotch Reading Room, Berlin; Rile*, Brussels; Whitechapel Bookstore, London; After 8 Books, Paris; Christophe Daviet-Théry/Bookadviser, Paris; Kunsthalle Basel, Basel; Beletage Art Space, Zürich; Punch Books, Bucharest; Post Bookstore, Tokyo; Temporary Unit, Singapore; Jiazazhi Books, Ningbo; Miriam Gallery, New York; Printed Matter, New York; artbook@MoMA PS 1, New York; Inga Books, Chicago

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